For a long time, a great many people took at face value the statements made by academics and scientists who espoused Darwinism. They imagined that since these experts believed in evolution, there must be something to it, and blindly believed in evolution themselves. At the root of this error lay their ignorance of the fact that Darwinism was supported solely for ideological reasons. They did not know that scientists who espoused Darwinism also held such nonsensical ideas as fish left the water and began using legs that formed by chance to walk on land, or chimpanzees that began using stones to crack open nuts developed into humans who founded civilizations, launched rockets and studied themselves in laboratories. However, the true facts are now out in the open. People now know that the fossil record contains specimens of present-day life forms that were in existence millions of years ago. One of these is the 85-million-year-old lion skull pictured. This fossil proves that, like all other living things, lions never underwent evolution at all.