Like millions of other life forms such as tigers, wolves, foxes, rhinoceroses, pandas, leopards, lions and hyenas, bears have remained exactly the same for tens of millions of years, since the moment of their first Creation. That refutes the claim that living things evolve. The stasis that applies to all living species also applies to humans. In the same way that no change ever took place in the skulls of tens of thousands of species over millions of years, so there has been no evolutionary change in the human skull. In the same way that fish have always existed as fish, birds have always existed as birds and reptiles have always existed as reptiles, so humans have always been humans. There is no question of any direct progression from the primitive to the advanced, of the kind maintained by evolutionists, in any organ or structure of any living thing. The 7.5-million-year-old grizzly bear skull pictured here is one proof of this.